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Content that’s fast, affordable and customizable, so you can make your online presence more lively, engaging and search-engine optimized.

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One-Click Integration

Content Assist integrates directly with your Twenty Over Ten account, allowing new posts to be added with one click. Explore our extensive library where you can pick your favorite articles and add directly to your blog.


Think of Content Assist as your personal marketing assistant. Use the content as a starting point and add your own flavor to it. Customize content for your particular niche or geographic location to optimize your blogs for audience and search engines like Google.


Every post is catered to you - financial advisors! With topics from balancing your personal budget, planning financially for children to saving for a family vacation and the importance of creating a will your readers are sure to come back for more.

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Explore our library, which is stocked with curated, industry-specific content. New articles are added monthly based on what users request.

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Peruse our library, preview articles, and select from a broad range of topics to be added directly to your blog.

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Once you've added an article, you can post it as-is, or edit it for your particular audience. Think of Content Assist as your own personal writing assistant- here to help you blog more often and with better results

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your blog posts?

We recommend blog posts should contain at least 400 words to rank well in search engines. In addition, articles that are poorly written and lengthy won’t rank well in search engines either. That’s why you’ll find all of our posts to be between 400-750 words, depending on topic.

How many blog posts will I get?

You will get at least 15 new articles added to your library each month. Bonus: all content is custom curated. Meaning, we’ll remove any outdated content from the library and replace them with only the most fresh, trending topics and articles.

Can I have access to the Content Assist library if I am not a Twenty Over Ten user?

Content Assist is only available for Twenty Over Ten users as it is directly integrated into your Twenty Over Ten dashboard. If you are a current user and choose to leave Twenty Over Ten at any point the content is still yours to keep.

What does it cost to have access to the Content Assist library?

Content Assist is available for no additional fee! It is included as part of your website subscription.

Can I also use other third-party content providers on my site in addition to Content Assist?

Of course! Our platform allows for easy integration from other third-party content providers such as Kiplinger, FMex, Vestorly and others.

What other blog enhancements are included?

All blogs come pre-loaded with featured images for your feed and social sharing, as well as SEO meta data. We encourage users to further optimize the content for SEO purposes to gear it more towards your specific niche or location.

Who writes my content?

Unlike other third-party content providers, our content is not canned content that you cannot edit. Ghost-written by our internal team of writers, Content Assist articles are developed specifically with your clients and prospects in mind.

What types of posts are included?

New content is added monthly, and is comprised of a mixture of posts centered on current events, as well as evergreen content that is more topical in nature. Some sample titles include: “Planning Inheritances for Your Children”, “Should You Buy a House or Keep Renting?”, ‘Retirement vs. Funding Your Child’s Education” and “Smart Money Habits for Recent College Grads”.

Will you post the content to my blog for me?

No. With Content Assist you have the freedom to choose which blogs you would like to post to your website and customize them too. That’s why we’ve made adding and editing new blog posts a breeze!

Is the content FINRA reviewed?

Because the articles provided are more general in nature and are not specific to products offered they are not FINRA reviewed. If you are an independent RIA you have complete control to review and edit posts. If you a registered representative of a broker dealer your compliance officer will have the ability to review and pre-approve posts or remove certain articles all together from your library to ensure you stay compliant.

Should I be worried about other advisors using the same article from an SEO perspective?

Absoultely not. This content is not canned. Meaning, you have complete control to not only pick and choose which articles you want to share on your blog but you can also optimize each article for your unique niche and geographic location. And we encourage all Content Assist users to do just that!

Do you write website copy too?

Yes! We offer three different copywriting packages for those who need help developing copy for their website. Hop on over to our Add-Ons page to learn more about our premium add-ons.

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