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Other Useful Links



  • FDIC site – Check to see if your bank is FDIC insured or if it is in trouble.


  • Finaid – A comprehensive site that covers all aspects of financial aid.
  • National Center for Education Statistics – Information on past three years of college/university costs.
  • Salliemae – Calculators for estimating college costs, savings needs, and student loan payments as well as a great deal of financial aid and scholarship information.
  • Savingforcollege.com – Quarterly 529 plan reviews and other tips on saving for college.

Income Tax

  • IRS Website – The IRS Website, information on forms, publications, and frequently asked questions.

Investments – Discount Brokers

Investments – Financial News & Quotes

  • Bloomberg – Financial market news and stock/mutual fund quotes.
  • CNN Financial News – Financial market news and stock/mutual fund quotes.
  • InvestorGuide – Comprehensive stock research tool.  “Tools” tab provides links to other sites.
  • MSN Money – Financial market news and stock/mutual fund quotes.
  • Wall Street Journal – Financial market news and stock/mutual fund quotes
  • Yahoo – Keep track of your overall portfolio and get detailed charts on your individual stocks and bonds.

Investments – Investor Education

  • Investorwords – This site is a database of more than 5,000 key investment terms, plus some 15,000 links related to words and concepts.
  • Motley Fool – Online calculators and information to help answer basic questions.
  • SEC Investor Education site – Online calculators, broker and/or advisor information, investor alerts, plus links to other government sites.

Investments – Mutual Funds

  • IndexFunds.com – A resource on the use of index funds, or passive investing, versus conventional actively managed mutual funds.
  • Morningstar – This company is well-known for its mutual fund star rating system, and this site has many useful research and analysis tools.
  • Mutual Fund Education Alliance – A large source of mutual fund news and information, plus daily price info and one-, five- and ten-year annualized returns.

 Investments – Publications

Mortages/Real Estate

  • Bankrate.com – Mortgage calculator and basic information.
  • Eloan – Compare loans, quotes, calculators.
  • HSH.com – Mortgage news, rate comparisions, and calculators.
  • Realtor sites – Customized searches by city, mortgage information and glossary.


  • Medicare – You resource for Medicare information.
  • Social Security – Site to verify benefits and your earning history.

Smart Spending

  • Consumer Reports Magazine – Informational articles and product recalls are free on this site (subscription required for full online version).
  • The Dollar Stretcher Tips – Free online newspaper full of tips, hints, stories and links for living better for less.